• Introduction to Banners Of Islam

    Assalamu Alaykum dear viewers,

    This is my second time trying to make a website. Last time I tried to make a website called Islamic Wallet on Wix. Astaghfirullah Wix was a very complex app.

    If you dear viewers also have the same problem with the Islamic knowledge on the internet being too complex, hard to understand, and limited options. Banners Of Islam will help you by providing our viewers with easy to understand Islamic knowledge. We also have other big plans such as Quran, Hadith, Books, Halal recipes, and more.

    Inshallah may you viewers benefit from our website.

  • What is the Quran

    The Quran the holiest book in Islam. It was created in some point in time then reveled to Prophet Muhammad (saww) in 610 CE. The Quran consists of 114 surah (chapters) and those chapter consist of ayah (verses). The Quran was not reveled in on go. It was reveled in verses as the Prophet spread the message of Islam. The First verses where from Surah Alaq verse 1-5. The last verse was from Surah Baqarah Verse 281. The Prophet Muhammad Then complied all the verses together.

    Now, Some people think that the Quran is an evil book that tells Muslims to do bad things. This is not true the Quran tells us rules to protect ourselfs, ethics, and history. So many beautiful things to guide us to the right path.

  • Who is Allah

    According to Muslims Allah is God. There is no god other than him. He is the most merciful the most gracious. He hears all and sees all however he does not of eyes nor ears, he has no shape. Allah is the one who created the heavens and earths and all the creatures inside of it. We Muslim worship and do not worship anyone or anything else because the creator is greater than the creation

  • What is Islam and who are the Muslims

    What do People Think Islam is and the Muslims

    If you are a everyday American news watcher then you probably think Islam is a bunch of terrorist from ISIS or Al Qaeda.

    Or maybe its a strict religion that allows you to have no fun.

    Maybe its the religion that gives men the upper hand and oppresses women

    Or its just the religion of the Arabs.

    What Islam Really is and who the Muslims Really are

    Islam is the Arabic word that means “Submission”. A Muslim is the one who submits his will to Allah and believes that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. We believe that Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus where prophets of Allah however Muhammad was the seal of the prophets. The Quran is our holy book and it was reveled to the Prophet Muhammad (saww). And no the Quran is not the book that tells Muslims to do all the bad things. The Quran shows us the mercy of Allah (swt). It tells us that no one is better than each other based on race, to help the poor, to have good manners, and to be kind to each other. This is the real Islam and indeed its beautiful.

  • Islamic Phrases you need to know part 2


    Ashokrulillah means “thanks be to Allah” and has a similar purpose as Alhumdulillah.


    Inshallah means “if allah wills”. Muslims use this when they have an intention to do something in the future.


    Bismillah means “in the name of Allah”. This phrase it used when starting anything.


    Wallah means “On Allah”. Muslims use it to let people know they are telling to truth.


    Yarhamukallah means “may allah have mercy on you”. It is used when someone sneezes.

  • Islamic Phrases you Need to know


    Alhumdulillah means “all praise to Allah swt”. Muslims say Alhumdulillah when they finish there food. Alhumdulillah can also be used when saying your good if someone asks how are you.

    Jazakallah khairan

    Jazakallah khairan means “may Allah reward you with goodness”. You should say that when someone gives you something or does a favor.

    Wa iyaak

    Wa iyaak means “and to you”. We use it when someone says jazakallah khairan.


    Mashallah Means “Allah has willed”. This Phrase is used when you see something beautiful or you accomplished something.


    Subhanallah means “glory to Allah”. Muslims say this when something good happens.


    Astaghfiruallah means “I seek forgiveness from Allah”. You should say this when you see something bad or have done something bad.

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